San Francisco
Client case

What? A nine-day trade mission from VOKA, West Flanders to San Francisco, where top entrepreneurs got to know successful start-ups and companies and became acquainted with new dynamic business models. They visited the offices of Google, Levi's, Facebook, Scanadu and Vive la tarte, and at Stanford and Berkely University to draw inspiration for their own businesses.

Target group? Leading companies from West Flanders

Number of participants: 50

This is what SEAUTON did:

  • Reserving flights, hotels and restaurants and creating a programme with interesting activities.
  • Planning the company visits and arranging transport, planning in opportunities for networking.
  • Developing communication and branding.
  • Planning and following up the agenda.
  • Following up the logistics and supervising the project on site. 

Our best one yet! Discreet, first-class organisation, perfectly prepared, attention to detail, ... The participants gave it an average score of 9.15/10!
Els De Muynck, VOKA West-Vlaanderen